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hi everyone im new to this group!! my baby is 10 weeks old n is called louis, i am white n my partner is indian. glad 2 say so far i havent come across any type of prejudice of people, think there all 2 busy cooin ova how beautiful he is!!!! am slightly worried about when he gets bigger n realises hes 'different' n wether hel b singled out!!! glad 2 say both of our families av welcomed louis n hes well loved by everyone!!! out of my very large family i am currently the only one who has a mixed race child, and a different race partner!!!


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Shonda - posted on 01/24/2010




I must say my whole circle is predominantly of mixed race couples with mixed race children. Not just black/white, but indian/black, asian/black, mexican/white, etc. i say no worries. It really depends on where you live. Teach your little blessings to embrace differences in others and himself. I am not a fan of "all people are the same" philosophy, because it is simply not true. We are all individuals and our differences are what makes us unique... so teach to embrace differences in personality, nationality, race, etc... you will be fine. My daughter has been taught she does not have to "like" the same things we like and we will teach the same to our son. This type of teaching will help your son as he goes into the world. It is teaching that everyone is the "same" that makes for those uncomfortable feelings when approached by ignorance. enough of my rant, embrace and LOVE your differences. This love of differences will breed confidence in your child that will assist him in dealing with the world.

Kathleen/Deborah - posted on 01/22/2010




Hi Laura, , , be kind, loving and undestanding with your son. Don't give those that don't agree with mixed race children any power over you. Just be yourself!!! Don't worry!

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