How to deal with husbands family

Brittany Nicole - posted on 08/10/2017 ( no moms have responded yet )




My husband is vietnamese and I am white with german decent....

Anyway my husband and i havent been married long and my family along with my husbands parents are planning a trip to Vietnam. My mother in law and i have been spending quite a bit of time together (ive been taking care of her while shes been recovering from back surgery) and she thinks that itd be a good idea for me to learn some things about Vietnam, the Vietnamese culture, and some of the language before we go next summer and has taken it on herself to be my teacher... I like the idea of getting to know more about where my husbands family is from and their culture but at the same time i fell a little intimidated by it and kind of embarrassed that i know so little about anything other than the little ive gathered so far...until recently ive felt like the outsider at his family events..mostly twidling my thumbs cause i know none of the language so i cant communicate during conversations unless someone takes pity on me and speaks in english (mostly my mother in law) and being directed to do this or that ....

Has anyone found themselves in this kind of situation (where your spouses family is so different than anything youve ever known) how did you deal with it

Did you try to learn about their traditions, culture etc..ifso how did you go about doing it

Did you try to incorporated both of your cultures, hertiage and languages into your family (teaching each other and/or yourchildren to speak each others languages, celebrating holidays, mixing family traditions, etc)

Have you ever visited your spouse's family's home country? How did that work out?

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