i think my child of 4yrs old has adhd how would i for certian know (with out a doctors help)

Megan - posted on 04/22/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




i dont want my son on medications so id rather see if there is any moms out there who are helpful to my topic


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Cheree - posted on 05/16/2010




i no how u feel my son now 13 his teachers in elementary school told me i needed to have him evaluated so i didn't and when he hit the fourth grade after 3 teachers i decided to i did not want him on med eather.
now i feel guilty because i waited so long. he is on a low dose and is doing much better in school grades improving as well eventhough we still have some problems with alot of forgetfulness the are so many new med out there
i did not want my child a zombie u no what i mean just have him tested to see. it will not hurt
hope this helps

Tiffany - posted on 05/01/2010




i know it sounds bad for so many parents to say their kids are on meds but mine is and he would not have passed kindergarten if he hadn't had them it was that bad he was diagnosed with adhd and oppositional defiance disorder which they say usually goes hand in hand i'm not sayn you should put him on meds but if nothin else works like in my situation tell the doctor you want the lowest dose possible and if it makes him zombie out as i call it then try another i hope you don't think i'm telln you to put your child on meds cause i;m not it's just i had no other options the school was goin to call social services on me cause my son acted out in school so bad in kindergarten he got kicked out for a day and almost for the rest of the year i don't know what i would have done if not for the meds he is on now i can control him and all the medication does is slow his brain down so he can learn in school

Billiejean - posted on 04/29/2010




my oldest is 7 and adhd. no meds positive parenting helps. I refused the meds cause when we did the trial with them he zoned out. So I changed his diet, gave him a routine to follow and he is doing great now. He knows whats to expect next. good luck and I hope all goes well

Kim - posted on 04/29/2010




I dont really have an advice for you, but my oldest son, is Autistic and his theropist and the doctors both keep pushing me to put him on medication. and I just keep standing my ground. I just wanted to show my support!

Tanya - posted on 04/29/2010




First step is to get your son tested which typically isn't done until they are school aged unless you child is an extreme case. As far as medications, I understand your concern because my son has been on 3 different medications until we finally found the right one for him and his symptoms. There are other things you can try first though such as behavioral modification programs done through a qualified counsellor or psychologist, positive reinforcement, a structured environment, and cutting out the sugar, caffeine, and stimulants in his food. These are things I was instructed to do with my son however inevitably he still needed medication but I did see some improvement.

Heather - posted on 04/23/2010




Megan.Hi my names. My 4.5 y/o was recently diagnosed with adhd. I knew based off an of researching on line. Theres an assessment the dr.'s use that you can find on the internet, its a yes or no questionaire. I just dont remember the name of it. I put my son on meds and it isnt working out so i stopped them. They made him really emotional when he wasnt before. Theres a lot of medications out there and i just dont have the heart to do the trial and error so instead i bought a book called adhd cure. Its not a cure thats just the title. It has foods on there to stay away from and certain foods to feed them. Some thing about red dye 40 being a cause of alot of the hyperactivity in kids. So im trying that out for the time being. May not work either but i want to give it a shot.

Haley - posted on 04/23/2010




I agree there is nothing wrong with the medication if the child needs it. My son barely made it through his first year of school without medication and now he is in 2nd grade and he still struggles a lot with his medicine. My 5 year old has just started taking adhd medicine because he is exactly like his older brother and the doctor convinced me that I need to get his meds regulated before school starts for him or he is going to struggle just like my other son did.

Jennifer - posted on 04/23/2010




Well honestly hun the only real way to calm the condition is medication..I was fully against meds myself..I had heard so many bad things. I did the same refused him meds. Well then he started school and it was sooo bad. But my biggest concern was he could not get pass kin. cause he could not considrate (sp ?) ..lol he was gettin in alot of trouble so finally I said I guess to tryin one told the dr flat out of it makes him stare in space, just sit around any of that he would be right bk off..Dr kept tellin me he would not that parents who have kids like that are abusin the meds and givin the meds a bad name (when i say abusin he said they are on to high of dose and the parents dont mind how they are now so they dont tell dr's or they just are on a med that is not right for them) so needless to say we gave it a try and boy has it made a world of difference..he is not at all out of it...he is still a veryyyy active boy but he has got in alot less trouble at school and his grades now in 3rd grade are AMAZIN! I was the mom who did all my homework tryin to find natural ways to help him and all had failed.and i dont care what ANYONE say Adhd is a diease that i seen hinderin my son and I could not let it hold him bk no longer..he neva kept the same friend long cause he was hard to be around..now he has had the same friend a longgg time..It has even got to where he notices if we forget his meds and he will call me from school..well sorry so long just thought i would share..

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