my daughter is mix. Im black and her father is white and hair text is weird. the back and middle is coarse but the top is wavy and stringy. Her hair also sokes up every moisturizer and conditioner..wat can i do to maintain it and keep it healthy.


Char - posted on 11/29/2012




I too am using mixed chicks and love what it does for my daughters multi texture hair.


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Purityseven - posted on 01/02/2013




I love this on-line product called Atomy. It is a herbal shampoo that works wonders leaving hair soft not like the other chemically treated shampoos. I actually do not shed any hair in the shower!!! Hair is very manageble and repairs damaged hair and split ends.
All of my friends and family use it. Product is very reasonable.
Only thing is someone has to sponsor you for membership.

Official website

Aeryn - posted on 12/30/2012




Wow ! I'm mixed (dad is hispanic, black and irish and my mom is chinese, irish and british) and my son's father is puerto rican and chilean. His hair is EXACTLY the same way. I've noticed with this type of mix their hair can break easily at some point. Creame of nature argan oil gloss and shine polisher helps sooo much. Also, their line of shampoo, conditioner and leave in locks in the moisture. Make sure you leave the conditioner on for about 5-10 mins before washing it out and then apply the gloss and shine after and it will be fine.

Ellie Richardson - posted on 11/29/2012




I am a mixed adult. Dad black an creole an a white spanish mom with stringy straight fine hair. My hair is curly at the end, Wavy in other spots. The hair from the back of my head is curly the hair in the middle is wavy and coarse and the crown of my head the hair curls nicely but its annoying cause I wish it was just consistantly one pattern and it gets really frizzy. My husband is also black. Two of my youngest kids have coarse hair. Hair that need to be braided. My oldest has super curly spiraly perfect curls. She hates her hair.They all wish they had my hair but I never liked mine. its bugged out , Hair prouducts have always been a problem. I heard mixed chix is great though. An Miss Jessies is supposed to be good a little pricey for me though. Its me and three girls.If something is 12 dollars and comes in a small bottle then thats not worth it for me.

Emma - posted on 11/28/2012




My little boy is mixed, i'm white and dad is black his hair is exactly what you have just described, I am using a few things on his hair at the moment, I use a leave in conditioner called his mix, they have mixed chicks for the girls lol, I also use curly q's which i find is very good, does moisten up hair a lot, also when bathing him I condition his hair and leave the conditioner in.

Hope this helps!

Afro and European hair combined is hard work lol! x

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