my daughters hair!! help!!!

Heather - posted on 01/19/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 19 months old. Her hair is in tight ringlets, and it tends to get frizzy alot. The hair on back of her hair stays matted up where it rubs on the carseat and she lays on it, no matter how much i comb it out it goes back to being matted up. I was wondering if there is a kind of shampoo/conditioner to use or leave in conditioner than can help with the frizz and the matting up of her hair? I don't know how to braid so it's always just in a fro (that's the way it grows)


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I just bought some things for my daughter a little over a week ago, so I can't say how well it works quite yet. I bought the It's a Curl line from So far though, her hair doesn't seem as dry. It's got a shampoo, conditioner, hair moisturizer, and a leave in cream. My daughter's only 9 1/2 months though. I've been doing a lot of research about mixed babied hair, and one of the main reasons for frizz in their hair being too dry. I found a few companies on the internet (some of them have stores in certain areas) I've also read a lot of reviews. The reason I chose It's a Curl is because it was the only one that made a tear free baby line. Another one that got really good reviews is mixed chicks if your not concerned about tear free. I just googled about mixed babies hair, and got a lot of information back.

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Firstly get on youtube….they have lots of tutorials (Videos) that will teach you to braid her hair…keeping her hair in braids or a style with help with some of the matting that is happning (and a trick to try…not a guarantee…LOL…but to keep her still while doing her hair…buy an extra comb and/or brush and let her play with it while you get her hair in order…or wait until she is down for a nap)

Her hair is considered virgin hair…and so just make sure that what ever you put on it its organic and not harsh to her hair… you say she has ringlets…but what is her hair texture?

My son is Half Korean…the most I put on his curls is baby oil or a little lotion…otherwise its water..hes 10months so it can change…but right now his texture is silky

I know I didn’t give you any products to use, because I don’t use any for him yet, but when I do it will be organic.

Organic hair products for ethnic hair…
You can start with that

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