My husband wants more time.

Elvita - posted on 04/06/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My husband wants more time with me. We have a great marriage he just wants more I feel like I already give him time. We go on dates when we can find someone to keep the kids which is the hard part.We snuggle at night, I ask him what kind of time and he says just time.Maybe I am missing the vword time. If you have any good couple ideas please let me know.


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Cassie - posted on 04/08/2010




Ok I'll be blunt are you sure he's not just being polite and he's asking for more sex? I'm the one in my own relationship asking for dates, my husbands biggest complaint is more sex.
Other than that Some times the TV gets in the way of talking so just snuggling up with the TV, doesn't work all that well with spending time together. You could start playing card games, some times going back to the basic entertainment is nice. You can talk and play at the same time. Play two player board games. Going for walks is really nice. My husband and I talk much better when we are walking. For some reason if we have a disagreement on a walk we can talk it out, but at home it always turns into a fight. Walks alone are hard to come by when you have kids but if there isn't any thing to major to talk about then bringing the family along might be nice

When you play something together that doesn't take alot of concentration it leaves you to have something to fiddle with while still alowing you to talk and get to know each other again. The card games or simple activities make the silent moments not so uncomfterbal.
Like : Go Fish, War, Speed, Spades, Chess, Checkers, Dominoes, puzzles, Scrabble, (I never play it because I can't spell :O) LOL) But those ideas can get you started. Keep away from video games they use to much concentration, and no TV. I'm really going to have to take my own advice on this too. My hunny and I could use more time together :O) You just never realize how much the other intertainment takes over. I may have to ask mine to scedule it in like every tuesday and wednesday night he's really addicted to his video games :O) And I get lost in books really easy :O)
Good luck :O)

Carolee - posted on 04/06/2010




Probably just "chit-chat" time. That's what my husband says he misses. Just sitting around doing nothing but talking about nothing in particular. Try setting aside some time after the kids are in bed and you're not watching/listening/computing anything. Sit in the silence and just talk about whatever comes to mind (no matter how odd).

Kerry - posted on 04/06/2010




Maybe he means more time alone with you, like instead of going out he might be refering to the times when you just used to stay in the house alone, or a short break away from home and children. next time you talk to him about it ask him to be more specific about what he mean by time.

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