Raising a mixed child in a mostly white town

Becky - posted on 04/19/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a lot of questions that I will try to shorten. Basically I was living with the father of my child we was having problems to where the police was involved because of the situation I was forced to move 2 hours away back to my parents out in the country and the near by city is still small around 50,000 people. So me and his father have been in contact on and off but currently he's not able to be in the picture. First question I've seen the responses on how to care for a mixed child's hair but being in a 98% white city there aren't really any black people around or hair products so does anyone have suggestions on what to try I'm on a very fixed incoming so I can't afford expensive products all produts that have been listed in recent posts are not available in this area. Right now I pretty much keep his hair short or else it sticks out all over the place and I wash it maybe 2 times a week with shampoo the rest of the week I do have to rinse it with water because he gets food and dirt in his hair but then I put some conditioner in and lightly rinse. Secondly he is only 2 but I feel its very important for him to know both sides of his background but he is not exposed to black people but very rarely. His father's family is 3 hours away so we haven't been able to visit and where we use to live I'm no longer in contact with anyone up there so how can I expose him to black culture when there is none around us? I do have pictures of his father's family that he sees and a picture of his father but pictures doesn't really expose him to culture. When I get back on my feet I do plan on moving back to diverse community so he can be exposed to many different cultures but until then I'm lost at what to do.


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Janessa - posted on 04/20/2010




Hey Becky sorry to here about your situation. I am having the same problem in a way but i was adopted into by a white women and a dad that is white and native mix. I do not have many black friends at all. So my son will likely be raised in all white culture because i have do idea about my culture since i was adopted as a young child. Plus i live in western Canada where there is not allot of people from Haiti. For your son hair i reccomend going to walmart because i live in saskatoon canada where there is not allot of black people and the walmart carries a few black hair products which i use because my son hair is more white so i just use the average white peoples stuff.

Sarah - posted on 04/19/2010




First off I am sorry to hear about your situation I know it has to be hard raising your son almost all your self. For hair products Walmart actually has pretty good stuff. Use Main & Tail shampoo it's really good for your hair and keeps it strong and soft. Only wash hair every other day. unless his hair isn't course then you can wash it daily. You should also be able to google ways to do hair and type in the specific hair style you want and they usually have videos. Practice makes perfect. As for letting him know his culture it's not so important at his age but when he gets around 4-5 just educate him and if he has at least some contact with his other family he should be just fine. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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