Should we replace the WORD RACIST/ RACISM with RESPECT and CULTURAL SENSITIVTY as a positive way forward in our Global community of diverse marriages anc communities?

Jenni - posted on 08/24/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




For instance I don't like the word RACISM in my home...its a floodgate with a massive swinging pendulum that swings from OVERUSED in a 'technically interpretted' version to OVERUSED in a 'technically inappropriate' version. The original creation for defending ' WHAT IS GOOD and RIGHT has been LOST in a label! Apologies I do not care what colour or religion you are - I love you all, just as you are. ( I have been an exchnage student, hosted exchnage students and now co-ordinate them - and this is the one word that gets my nanny!) Do not think you can use that tone here either...I do not believe that your past controls what you can achieve her today (Racism existed and may exist but it does not have to be you or define who you are...rise above to mess) as a role model of the future. I love you for the human being you are and the respect you show in everyday interactions and communications. I vote to remove the WORD RACISM and replace it with MUTUAL RESPECT and CULTURAL SENSITIVTY and it has the foreward...Must be applied with common sense and researched facts! not eratic emotion. If you're not getting the answers you would like - Ask Better Questions! (Blame and use of the word Racism is ignorant) Both parties should seek to understand how the issue arose in the first place and any other level of communication i can throw at it! (unless volatile- seek professional help) COMMUNICATION is the PROBLEM and COMMUNICATION is the ANSWER in most instances.Role model the behaviour you want to occur in the world. Acceptence oof all. I have had my coloyur wheel removed, so i do not see colour. I see an exciting nre personality and culture to meet. I do not close mysefl off in neighhood and socio-economic (Blue collar, White collar) neighbourhoods. My friends are poor to rich, all relisgions, or none, and all the coplours of the rainbow. EAch is an asset in their own right but most of all we have a mutual understanidng that if we cross a cultural, religious or spoken boundary we start in good humour and raise the subject on the spot (no festering).

Prejudice and Misunderstanding is not overcome by a WORD. It is overcome by a LOVE of ALL PEOPLES and their CULTURE and a willingness not to judge but seek more understanding. Understanding does not happen all information it is a layering of the same positive message that will win through! I believe change occurs with the power of one person to define that all others are equal to themselves, which in essence means that in this day and age you need to gove up some ego, to become the person you want to be/ think you are. A little humility and optimism goes a long way.

It would improve all of our health and lower the ever increasing depression levels in all of our countries. Are we so happy to 'be right' that we forget what was the lesson was we brought to the table having a diverse, rainbow, modern family?

My soapbox is over... but i cannot stress enough the negativity created by the word RACISM, by either the person using it, or the person receiving it. Both have responsbilities in the dialogue. Isn't a more posiytive message to ask the other person "Do you think that was MUTUAL RESPECTFul? or CULTURALLY SENSITIVE? and give them an opportunity to think? We don't learn , if there is no lesson or accountability. Love to all! From my modern family of religion, colour and cultures.


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