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Gina - posted on 03/31/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




I was wondering is anyone has or have heard of a mixed (half white and half black) baby who had straight hair. My daughter is almost one and has short straight hair. I did not think it was possible that her hair would be this straight. Even my hair is curly. It is possible for her hair to be this straight forever?


Jayne - posted on 10/26/2012




my baby is 11 months old n her hair is straight but back of her hair seems to go curly wen its wet

Brooke - posted on 03/31/2009




Hey. Both of my kids hair was straight for quite awhile. By the time my daughter's 1st bday rolled around she was getting curls. My son will be 2 on April 30 and his hair just got curly at around 14-15 months.

User - posted on 04/02/2009




I'm white, light brown hair, grey eyes, and my husband is black, brown eyes, black hair..
My son on the other hand is as pale as I am, blue eyes, with straight dirty blonde hair. We always wondered what his hair would be like once he was born, but let me tell you that wasn't really one of the options we considered. I love it though, it's sooo soft, much softer than mine even.

Deshawna - posted on 03/31/2009




At age one, it's still relatively too soon to know what a baby's hair will do. All of my children were born with jet black bone straight hair. All had straight hair at age one.  All have different hair types and color even now. There is a difference between straight, wavy straight, "C" shape, coil and curly.

My 11 yr old has thick dark brown hair with coppery red strands mixed in that is mostly straight except for a slight C shape. It never goes beyond a C but because it's so thick people assume it's curly. No matter how long he goes without a cut it stays in a C shape. It just goes from a "c" to a "C", lol. His hair will never "curl".

My 9 yr old's hair is more of a glossy black wavy C shape. I call it duck feathers. No full curl there either. Never goes beyond a wave or C but it's more of a glossy black texture. His hair will never "curl".

My 3 yr old is the only one with a true curl. You can't tell from his pic but he has hair that actually reaches his waist. He has true ringlets. He was born with jet black hair but now has a light reddish brown color that in the sunlight looks like copper fire.  His hair will go from wavy straight, to thick waves to a mix of small and huge coils. If we brush it dry it will do a straight wave. If we comb it wet then it will coil.

My 11 month old's hair has a wave pattern vs a coil. He get's glossy waves. It's bone straight when first combed (with water) and then by the end of the day will loosen into waves. Born with jet black hair, his hair is now turning lighter. We are not sure if it will just be a light brown or go the copper of DS3 yet..


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i have 4 bi-racial kids (mom white/ dad black) and each one of my kids have a different hair texture. My 13 yr old son has straight hair unless i let it grow out then it is big curls. However, my 15 yr old daughter has very tight curls that start spiraling from the root!!! so her hair may curl some as it gets longer.

Carolyn - posted on 04/06/2009




All three of my kids had straight hair and I think when they entered adolescent years is when it really really got tight. There hair changed their whole lives, but now it's not straight at all, matter-of-fact, my daughter uses a straightner and still can't get it to lay flat or have that bouncey hair. She get so frustrated, she use all types of gel, mousse, and hair spray to lock in the ringlets so they don't become frizzy throughout the day. Her hair is so THICK though...costs a fortune in hair care products.

April - posted on 04/01/2009




Well, my son his dad is from Jamaica and he has straight,nappy hair has to get a cut every week to look right but it grows fast........My daughter.....Its like what DeShawna was talking about its not real a Full Curl but its like a half curl..... and Yes on my kids Bday's at 1 there hair was straight, soft like baby hair......But when we cut my son's hair that when it changed from baby soft to lil man hair......So Funny I MISS MY LIL BABIES........But some mixed kids really have that soft hair..... Thats just Silky and it wont hold braids or ponytails (My cuz has this kind)......

Raquel - posted on 03/31/2009




Hey, funny how genetics works right?  I'm Spanish ( olive skinned, curly black hair, and brown eyes) and my husband is white and my baby daughter has blonde/red straight hair with blue eyes.  She looks nothing like me and looks so much like her daddy.  I thought my dominant genes would come through more!  She is still one, so things might change (hair might get daughter, hair might get curly).

Holliday - posted on 03/31/2009




hey there, yes my children are half white and half black and each one ( my husband and I hace four)  hav e differnt grades  of hair.  Our youngest who will be 5 in june has straight hair until it grows out about 4 in. from his head.  then is curls into these big curls.  So who knows what your daughters hair will be like.  like I said each one of mine is different. Ranging from afro to straight.  I love the differences in each one!!

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