what are some safe medicines or home rememdies for a 7 month old with congestion and a runny nose?


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Lauren - posted on 11/08/2009




vicks baby rub, little noses saline drops, nasal bulb aspirator, humidifier..if it's really bad maybe your doc can prescribe a decongestant..good luck! it's so hard when they're little and can't blow their noses!

Jessi - posted on 11/07/2009




you can try vicks baby rub, a nose plunger, simply saline, & ofcourse the obvious - a box of KLEENEX near by!!! my son is 9mos & i have noticed he has my sinus problems. i'll be honest with you, i wanna puke when i have to use the nose plunger on him but it seems to have helped. the vicks baby rub is nice to b/c it's made less harsh so babies can tolerate it! hope this helps you!

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