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Moms of Big Babies (8.5lb+ at newborn)

I had a 10lb 2oz daughter, naturally, without and epidural, and I want to meet other women who had big babies, whether natural or c-section. If anyone tells you you're not a woman, don't ever listen. It takes a strong,tough woman to give birth to those big babies.


Tell Me Your Story

Hi, My name is Amanda. I have an 8 month old daughter, Taylor Marie, who was 10 lb 2 oz when born. This was a traumatic birth process, which I won't go into detail besides she...


My big boy

My son was projected to be 10+ if he made it to full-term. He didn't make it though. I had so much trouble carrying him. He was born a month early and still wieghed 7 pounds 5...


8lbs 10.5 ounces

Im 4'11 and petite, my daughter was measured at 8 months and i was told she would be about 8lbs. Well here comes her due date, and i went into labor the day before it. I was in...