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Moms of bilingual kids

Moms that are speaking their mother tongue to their kids, and the kids are fluent both in english and the other language.


Did you experience delayed speech?

We have raised my son since birth to be bilingual. Now we are being told to focus on one language because he is delayed compared to the other kids. Has anyone else experienced...



my name is Cristina.
I'm Italian, but I now live in the States. I only speak italian to my kids, while my husband only speak english (he is american), and...


Lookin 4 mum's in my area

Hi my name is Heather and i was just wonderin if theres any1 who lives in Egypt?? Im English but my husband is Egyptian and we have a 15 month old lil boy. Wud love 2 meet mum's...


How do you go about daycare?

My daughter is now 21months, and she talks really well but most of her words are in hebrew. It is nearing the time for her to go to day care but I am worried. We live in...