9/11/09-8 years after 9-11-01

Diaperbandit09 - posted on 09/11/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Do you remember where you were when 8 years ago today?
Do you remember the feelings you felt?
Do you remember how ppl no matter how different we all where at the time seemed to unite?
Remember the weeks that followed. Remember how fear and hatrd fueled many to hate american musulims far from the origin of the attack? why do we still feel this hostility in the contry. if the geneations before fought so we in this circle could have our beautiful unqiue children today, should we pass on a legacy of hurt pain and hatrd or the lessons that were taught in the hours during 9-11. 8 years ago? Or the lessons, and comrodary, uniting for stronger, positive front against such hate in our own hearts and communities? Our government is almost as divided as when the Civil war broke out, so shouldnt we as biracial parents, not just mom's, but parents, teach hate divides, not unites and the uniting front of any community, nation, is Love? This has been food for thought today is September 11th 2009 8 years after September 11th 2001. Love not hate should make the world go round. Teach it to your children, i know i am.


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