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Moms of Bisexual Teens

Moms of Bisexual Teens


Confused about son.

Well I came home a bit early from a trip to hear some noises, sexual type noises, once I opened the door. I was very confused and when I entered the house I then saw my son,...


just need a little advice

I am so confused with my daughter, she is 14 and a few years ago I found out that her and her best friend were dating. Im not against her being gay or bi, that's not the issue....


Hello. New to the group

My 16 year old daughter is bisexual. My husband and I are open and accepting but she is afraid to come out at school because she is afraid to loose friends. She can wait until...


Do I just wait???

My teen is 16 years old and I know she has told lots of people that she bi. But she hasn't come and told me personally, and I don't know If I should confront her about it or...