Astma, food allergy, broncitis and lung infections by 1 y.o. boy. Any experience with that?

Veronica - posted on 01/28/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi, we would like to get to know parents with kids who has problems with astma and food allergy. When Daniel was born after few weeks we have heard a whistlening sound when he was breething. But doc said that it's normal by babies because the air tubes are not developed yet. We have waited til he became 5 month old and has got his first breething problems. He was putten in the hospital for few day with adrenalin treatment. Then we found out that he has egg allergy and reflux. Of course, if some doctors could get suspecious and made an allergy test much earlier, may be he wouldn't have an astma today. As medications he takes inhalations with Ventoline and Flutide. And now when winter has begun our son is sick most of the time with broncitis and lungs infections. He's puking after every meal or during feeding. We are exhausted!!! We can't even make vaccination against the flu, because we have 3-4 days in between, before new sickness occures again. Does anyone has the same problem? How do you treat your child? We would be thankful for any responce or advice. Congratulations with 1 year Birthday of your little pressious one =)


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Tweety - posted on 04/25/2010




I understand!! My son is now 5 years old but those 5 years were very "busy" to put it nicely - LOL.. My son has asthma and allergy induced asthma (which is a nice way to say just about "everything" will trigger his breathing difficulties).. However I have made it to 5 years.... inhalers, cool mist humidifiers, trips to the hospital for breathing treatments. the weather doesn't help:-( but we deal with it. Now on to the allergies - if I really watch what my son eats I can sort of control his asthma reaction to certain foods (he has to be careful with wheat and gluten.. along with dairy and peanut butter/nuts). ON the bright side.. it seems to be getting a little bit better:-) Many people have said that he might grow out of his food allergies/allergies..........I have noticed a big difference . his reaction are not as severe as they were.. but then the weather will change drastically and then he is back to the way it used to be - up all night coughing until he throws up:-( it's a mess... exhausting... oh on a possitive note.. my son's acid reflux is no more (but that is only because I found out about his food allergies - which the doctors said he couldn't have at such a young age)...

Alicia - posted on 04/17/2010




I am so sorry for what you're going through! Our situation is much milder, ever since my son contracted RSV at 9 weeks of age he has developed RAD (reactive airway disease - he hasn't been officially diagnosed with asthma yet). He has one mild food allergy (yogurt) and has indoor/outdoor allergies (pollen & dust). He contracts respiratory infections easily and we own a nebulizer & treat him with Albuterol as needed. When it's really bad we get a prescription for a steriod from our ped. We go to a really great group of peds so I feel like he is getting the best care & all of my questions get answered. His triggers are viruses, allergies & heavy exertion (if he's running around a lot, he'll start to wheeze). He's 4 now & goes to preschool so he is frequently sick & much more susceptible to viruses/illnesses than his younger brother. I do hope the medications help & things start to calm down for you - I know how hard that must be.... Best of luck with everything!

Vicki - posted on 04/12/2010




I totally understand where you are coming from. My 5 yr old has asthma and allergies. It first started when he was two. My son gets a nebulizer three times a day. He take albuterol and pulmicort. Every winter he is also sick he either gets a lung infection or a sinus infection. He loves to play around an wrestle with his daddy, but after a couple of minutes of laughing and playing with him, he will start coghing and wheezing. I hate to have to tell him to calm down cause he is having so much fun but he cant breathe. Everywhere i go i have to bring his nebulizer. And 9 times out of 10 he has to stop playing to get a treatment. Another thing that i do if he gets real bad is i will run the hot water in the bathroom close door and windows, let the steam build up then sit in there with him. That helps a lot also. I know its hard and frustrating, but keep doing what ur drs tell u. Also know that you are not alone.

Tracy - posted on 02/23/2010




hi my son has breathing problems.he has enclosed windpipe and is also sick after feeds with reflux.he is only nine months and on inhaler. anti reflux mrcidine and now waiting to have physio on his and my partner and exhausted from it

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