How can I rough house with my son?

Casey - posted on 08/04/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is a big boy for two... he's 32 lbs, very tall and STRONG. He loves to rough house, wrestle, climb, ride people, hang upside down, etc. I work a desk job and weigh 110 lbs, I am not muscular! lol. As he's getting older and bigger, I find that I am tiring out really quickly with flipping him over or wrestling, letting him ride piggy back, climb me etc. How can I keep him physically content with contact sport when I get completely exhausted after 20 minutes of it? Any ideas?


Sara - posted on 08/05/2011




I like the other comment, 20min of rough play is enough at a time. Speak with your son and let him know that Mommy is tired and needs a break, you can try sitting and reading a book, or having your son play by himself for a few minutes while you rest! My son is about the same size 38" tall and 33Lbs and loves to rough play, he's a bonsai as we say because he'll climb off anything and jump onto the floor, he scares me sometimes. But I use my words with my children all the time, just tell your son that you need a break and let him have some play time to himself... maybe get some legos and dump them on the floor and have him pick them up... at 2 children like to be independent so maybe even let him dump them out and play with them first!

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I guess this is why most moms let the dads deal with the roughhousing. :)

I like to fly my son. It's pretty easy for me, I lie on my back and then put my feet on his stomach as he stands, and then take his hands and raise him up over me and do some bouncing. If your son likes being a little rougher, you could even crash him into sofa cushions just beyond your head.

But in my opinion, 20 minutes of roughhousing is plenty. You can tell him to stop and do something quiet now, and if he still wants the physical contact, maybe you could snuggle together and read a story.


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Casey - posted on 08/08/2011




thank you guys so much for your comments... I won't feel so guilty next time I wear out after half an hour of playing! I will try out the suggestions and when all else is used, I'll call Dad over to take a turn! - really appreciative**

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