How early should potty training start for boys?


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Lidya - posted on 03/09/2009




I have 2 boys the oldest started potty training at 18 months he didn't catch on until recently and he is now 3 years old. My youngest one day took off his diaper and went to the potty which I was starting to clean so he can start potty trining at also 18 months well he started at 16 months he is now 19 months and loves going to the potty. You can start whenever but I think 18 months is a great time to start.

Michelle - posted on 03/09/2009




I am a mom of a 3 year old little boy - I have been told not to rush little boys with potty training.  I have been told that with boys their bladders develope later than little girls so be prepared foor accidents and such...and if he is not ready, don't rush him.  We are on the 2nd try with my son, the first time he had no interest and it was nightmare for both of us.  This time is totally different...we hardly every have peepee accidents (if we do it, he actually stops peeing and runs to the potty to finish).  The poopy we are struggling with but that comes with time, I have heard that is the hardest part - from moms of little girls too.  Hope this helps!

Meredyth - posted on 03/08/2009




I started my oldest @ age 2 and it took a good 18 months b4 he would actually take himself off without propting and use the toilet every time.

My middle sone started potty training himself just b4 his 2nd birthday. They are 16 months apart and he was watching me deal with big bro most of his life and wanted to follow his lead :D I was so proud. He was all done by 2 1/2.

Just keep an eye out for when he shows signs of the bladder control needed to only pee when he needs 2. like waking up from a nap with a dry nappy, or going a couple of housr without wetting, etc.

On average boys are generally ready around age 2. Some go early some go late.


[deleted account]

I don't think there is an age. It depends on the kid, their bladder control & their attention span. I think my doc said if you notice that they are waking up with dry diapers occasionally, you should probably start. It means they have the capacity to hold it through a night & their bladder is getting stronger.

I used pull ups completely, totally got rid of diapers altogether, so even I wouldn't be tempted to use them. I also trained him in the summer so we could be home with just a tshirt & pull ups, so if he felt he had to go it was faster for him to pull down just a pull up. Pull ups leak so that discourages them from going in them. 

We picked a date on the calendar & I had him circle & color our start date & goal date. Then start scaling back on the liquids late in the evening time too. I put a mattress protector under the sheets & he was done training w/ one nighttime accident in less than a week~ 2 weeks before his 3 birthday,  A week ahead of our goal :)

I also made A REALLY, REALLY, REALLY BIG DEAL OUT OF EVERY SUCCESS , I mean dancing, singing, gold stars on the calender for each success, pretend megaphones with special annoucements, he thought it was so much fun that mommy would be a kook if he just pee'd & pooped in a bowl. lol All the more reason to do it , "if I do this, Mommie will be silly again"

I also promised a cool treat if he would try his hardest to train by his B'day. I know bribery but it worked. The cool treat...Batman & Superman Underroos, & more importantly, I had bought him the same underwear his daaddy wore~ boxer they matched ~that he loved because he was a man like dad, now! oh yeah! We were cool now :)

Don't get frustrated, they sense that & It can set you back. Get them really involved like I said, before you actually do it, in a postive way. I used the calendar . It was great because we set a goal & then he had some time to mull it over before we started, Gold Stars, hanging right there~ in front his little face~next to the calendar..he wanted those stars so bad.

Most important~ Staying positive, don't let him see your frustration. Set a goal & treat them when the goal is met. They deserve a special prize for that anyway. It's one of their biggest accomplishments right after walking & talking!

Unlike the poster above, No offense ma'am but I would not encourage him to go pee on a tree. The point is to get them to used a toilet not just to stop peeing in a diaper.

Besides, I had some friends that went that route & now both their sons will just whip'em out & start matter where they are & they are having a really hard time stopping them now that they're 8 & 6 yrs old. Yup...They will go anywhere & they don't say anything, they just start going! At parties & bbq's & family functions, public parks, etc...not good when you get invited to a bbq for the 4 of july @ your bosses house & your kid walks up & starts peeing on their favorite landscaping. Or in the dog's water dish..yes I witnessed that one first hand!

Good Luck & stay positive :)

Katie - posted on 03/01/2009




i think the idea should b introduced before they turn 2, just casually.  whe the potty becomes a regular routine early on some of those potty fears can b avoided. and if its nice outside send them outside to pee on trewes etc, it adds xtra fun for boys. what i did with my son was begin talking to him about how cool it will b etc.  and then he and i made a pact that he would b pottty trained by his 3rd birthday. and because we frequently revisited the idea when his birthday was getting close he really started trying.  he was successfully potty trained, by day, by his 3rd birthday. pooping was a little big more difficult.  i had to get him to sit on the toilet, wearing a diaper to poop. once he got used to this concept i cut the butt out of a diaper so that he still had the security of feeling the diaper but was so pleasently suprised when "mom!! my poops went swimming". and after maybe only two more times like that we were able to remove the diaper. i know it seems kinda funny, but it totally worked for us. good luck!

Michelle - posted on 02/28/2009




I started when my son was about 2, he did good for a while and then just stopped. Then when he was a little over 3 he just finished potty training himself. So you can work with your son, but it will probably depend on how interested in it he is.

Dawn - posted on 02/28/2009




We started at 21/2 with both my boys. The 4 year old didn't start keeping his pants dry overnight until he was almost 4 and the younger on still wears pullups to bed.

I used the 21/2 age because we did the pooty boot camp thing with my first and couldn't take the class till he was 21/2 so I figured that was a "recommended" age. We trained the second without the boot camp.

Jessica - posted on 02/25/2009




my oldest is4 in april he has a global developmental delay and he potty trained both day and night late last year.My 2 yr old son only just started potty training. my youngest son is 4 months old so he wont be starting anytime soon.I say start when the child is ready.

Amber - posted on 02/25/2009




My mom said she had started to potty train us as soon as we started to walk. What she did was start us sitting down first and got us use to that and had my father teach my brother the rest of the stuff.. Just a thought!

Wendy - posted on 02/25/2009




I don't think there is a specific's whenever your child shows an interest. My son will be 3 in June, and has absolutely no interest in the potty.

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