my 2month old refuses 2 sleep in his crib , am i doing something wrong>?

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my son will not sleep in his crib every time i put him down he wakes right back up and screams . he use 2 go in his crib and only cried when he woke up now lately as soon as i put him down he wakes immediately freaking out crying , is he afraid of his crib? i can put him on my bed and he is fine , i put his musical mobile on and prop him up and it doesnt matter , he will go in his swing without a problem , i had 2 bring his swing into his room just 2 get him 2 sleep because i dont want him in my bed ... any suggestions?


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When you put him down in his crib, is it well after he has fallen asleep and is he swaddled nice and tight. Does he sleep on his back, tummy or side? I found with my son that if he fell asleep with me tummy to tummy and I put him down on his back, he woke up. You could also try getting a duvet inner (single) with an outer in a pattern you like for his room. Wrap yourself in it for a night or two while you watchinf tv maybe, ?? , and let him lie on that in his crip. He's so small, all he knows now is the comfort of your voice, your warmth and your scent. If he's wrapped up tight and he can smell his mom, maybe - just maybe - he'll stay asleep....

Good luck!!

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