Potty Training my 14 month old

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My son is 14 months old now. I believe that I should wait until he shows quite a few signs until he's ready to potty train... BUT He hates wearing his diaper. I have to keep him in pants or he'll rip it off. I find myself getting peed on in the morning, because, before I can rub my eyes, its off and he's going on my side/shoulder. He can also tell me "pot pot" for when he goes number 2. He shows interest in the toilet, when i go, and what's in it after I go. I wonder, should I be getting ready to potty train him?


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My friends son was potty trained by 18 months not because he showed any signs but because she wanted him trained,he is 28 months now and has been wearing underwear since 18 months,I would go for it,my son was fully potty trained by 25 months,I put him on the pot every hr for 5-10 mins and gave him treats when he did something.

Dena - posted on 01/05/2010




Every kid is different. Maybe he just really hates diapers. I had a cousin that potty trained himself before he was 2 cause he hated diapers. Might as well see how it goes. I wouldn't push though. Let him decide. Mine was in diapers till 3. Hoping the next one hates diapers earlier!!!

Holly - posted on 12/03/2009




A sure sign that he is physically ready is when he goes all night without peeing in his diaper. That's when you know his muscles used to control it are strong enough. Never too early to get him interested and practicing though! I had the same problem with one of mine and soon realized I had to keep his rompers buttoned up or covered with the plastic underwear.

Brittany - posted on 11/30/2009




I would at least introduce him to a big boy potty. Just put it where its available and out. The more he sees it he will become interested. When he is ready he will show you, but keep it available! lol

Alicia - posted on 11/29/2009




you could definately introduce it, but dont be disappointed if it doesnt happen any time soon... it doesnt hurt to make it available and let him get used to it being an option though.

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