Things to do with a 3 1/2 year old? He gets bored very easily, any ideas?


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Boredom is the mother of creativity!

If you always entertain him, he'll never learn to entertain himself. I think you should enforce a mandatory "alone time" where he finds something to do in his room. Set a timer - show him you're doing this so he knows he'll be notified immediately when his alone time is up. And start small - 20 minutes. Build from there. You might find that he actually enjoys it and ends up finding things to do that last well beyond the 20 minute period.

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go to the bokkie park or any tipe of thing like that... get a swingball(my son loves it) get alot of small balls with a bat they like hitting it al over. or get yourself a jungle gym... it keeps them busy for along time... my boys is very very busy we dont get any rest for 1min. and these things help him for a while...

give him a watergun or buget and let him wash your car... that keeps him busy and tires him out aswell

Beth - posted on 08/13/2010




things for you to do together: play cars & trucks, build a fort with blankets & pillows, have a music/dance party, go for a walk or bike or trike ride, practice body skills (jump, skip, slide, slither, waddle, whatever), visit a playground, that keeps my son busy for hours.

Things for him to do by himself: my son just recently got the TAG reading system for his birthday, he will sit and look at the 4 books he go with it for hours and hours. Its really impressive. Not sure if you have the means to get one, but they are cool. give him a water bottle with water & vinegar and a paper towel and he can clean windows (my son loves to do this). Or I put all my plants in the bathtub and give my son a water bottle and he sprays all the plants. good luck. I struggle too to keep it fun and exciting.


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I agree with Shmoopy, totally. But make sure you give him some suggestions on what to do and that the room is free of anything dangerous. Also keep checking on him with out him knowing. Bordom and unsupervision can lead to destructive behaviour. My almost three year old loves his alone time to play and he was doing an awesome job colouring with markers. He knows not to colour on the walls but decided since mommy sometimes makes him a kitty with eyeliner he would surprise me and make himself a kitty with markers so we could play pretend. He was so cute that I couldn't help but laugh. I told him he was a wonderful artist and he did a great job but also explained that he shouldn't colour on his face with markers and needs to ask permission first next time. He hasn't done it since. Good luck.

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A lot of great ideas here.

I just made my son a fishing rod and he loves it. I got a stick from the yard and tied a piece of string on it and tied a magnet ot the other end. I then cut some fish out of construction paper and taped paper clips to them. He loves to sit on the ottoman and fish. He also loves to paint, play cars, building blocks and play doh.

Candice - posted on 09/29/2010




Blowing bubbles, craftwork from nature (you can have fun collecting it then make something - even just stick on paper), go for a walk to the park, sandpit, swings, painting, face painting

Julie - posted on 08/22/2010




painting and glueing are great for keeping kids occupied. even reading books (but the voice has to be right according to my kids ha ha ) baking making pizza all kids of things. just use your imagination to stimulate his and you will both have a lovely afternoon

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