How do you deal with the guilt?

Karen - posted on 02/06/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son and his best friend detailed for me yesterday the bullying that they have been subjected to. I held it together until this morning when I just fell apart. How can we destroy these little innocent souls like this? I know it is logical and right to send him back to school today - but it feels like sending him back into the lions den.

We are taking it up with the school - the other mom and I - but I feel like wrapping him in cotton wool and keeping him at home.


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Give the school the opportunity to sort it out but if they dont take your son out of the school and put him in a different one. I put my son through four years of bullying because i kept making him go back to school and the school did nothing. I finally took him out of school this year and hes so much happier i feel terrible because i should have moved him four years ago instead of making him suffer.

Debbie - posted on 02/17/2009




I know how you feel but you have to send him back to school and just keep an eye on him. Make sure he and his friend know that they can talk to you about anything that is worrying them. (This is easier said than done).

I am a single mum and find it really hard to get things out of my youngest son. I have other children at the school who report back to me if any bullying happens. I then go into the school and talk to the head of year, he keeps an eye on things now.

My youngest daughter was bullied for four years and didnt tell me. She finally lost it with the boy who was bullying her and now she is enjoying school.

I first noticed something was wrong with my youngest son when he came home from school and started bossing me and my youngest daughter about, (he is a very sensitive child and this was unusual).  I kept asking him what was wrong and he just replied 'nothing'.  This has been going on for ages, but I noticed that when they where on school holidays he was his usual self again.

He never wants to go to school but I have to force him. It is very hard because like you say, you feel like you are sending him into the lions.

Us parents and teachers need to stick together and get these bullies out of the schools.

We need to bring back the cane and the slipper for those who are bullying innocent children.


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