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Leeann - posted on 04/23/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I find it so difficult to find places to eat out that are gf we have a few around but if we dont go to a restuarant that caters for coeliac i find the staff and oftern chefs are like coeli..what? Whats gluten free?

My 2 and a half year old has it..He is very sensitive.

I phone ahead or go and talk to the chef.

Usually 15 min long conversation..

Why hasnt some one opened up a gluten free restuarant totally gf!

Would make a mint..

I find i my meal goes down in lumps because im so worried about his food.

My partner is forever telling me not to stress so much but i know the outcome...Vomiting and servere diareah... I am told if you consume gluten it feels like food poisoning..

This is why i am so fussy.

Easy solution would be dont at out (which we didnt for a long time)

But we have to live...Ha!

Im in Sydney.

Any one else have same or similar problems?


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Angie - posted on 09/16/2009




I take my son to Red Robin once a month bc I too have trouble finding places that are SERIOUS when listing G-free options. They are great. I have never had a waitress, waiter, or chef ask what gluten was, how to avoid it, or ever had a problem with contamination even if I decide to sneak gluten into my own meal.

Brenda - posted on 09/15/2009




Hi, my son is 21/2...

we have the same problem down here in Tasmania, though newsletters etc from the Coeliac Society have been a great help. heres a list of a few places,

McDonalds, Chips and hashbrowns.. HungryJacks,Chips.. Burger Fuel, burgers have option of Gluten free bun... Fasta Pasta, Gluten free available inc sauces. .IKU wholefood, LOts of gluten free options.. Crust Gourmet Pizzas, they have bases that are made offsite...

Hope this helps a little...but as always double check first! have a great day :)

Emily - posted on 08/21/2009




I have found a couple of restaurants that are all gluten free but they are few and far between. One in the Dallas area is great and caters to kids menus but we live in Ohio now. There is one about 20 miles from our house and has awesome pizza and cookies but it is more expensive and not convenient. We often just eat and home and have found some good recipes and try to find similar substitute for what we are eating for my son who is celiac. People like to tell me of restaurants that have a gf menu when they actually just have a list of salads that you can eat gluten free minus the croutons! Not so great for a 2 year old.

Nancy - posted on 05/07/2009




I totally get what you are saying! We also like to eat out. We are fortunate to have a few places that have a GF menu, but I still feel like I'm taking such a chance with contamination and all. I think it is even more emotionally upsetting when it is your child's health that you are taking the chance with. If it was me, I would be well aware of the risk of eating out and could be responsible for my decisions. It is so hard to find the mix of teaching our children the HUGE responsibility, while also not making eating GF a horrible thing.
Keeley, the salad thing is so true. If we can find a GF friendly place, we then have to be able to find something kid friendly on top of that. Fries drive me crazy that most of the time they are GF and my dd would LOVE them, but they are always cooked in gluten contaminated oil. It's like a tease for her. We also had an experience at a big chain restaurant where they had a GF menu, but would not cut the size down to kid size. My dd would eat a kid portion, but never eats leftovers, so it would be wasted. The dish was also very expensive. I couldn't figure out why instead of plating 2 huge chicken breasts, they couldn't just pot one on the plate.
Again, we are fortunate to have many places to eat that have a GF menu and seem to understand it. Chicago Grill, Outback, Chik-fil-a, just to name a few.

Keeley - posted on 04/29/2009




Yes, yesterday we went to hospital with my son and had to eat out due to timing. The restaurant thought they were being really good by labelling the salads as gluten free! Try telling my 7 year old that all you can eat is a salad when everyone else is having burgers, fries etc. This is a real bug bear of mine - why doe they have to coat chips/fries with wheat flour? What is wrong with just potatoes!!!!!

I know exactly how you feel - you can't enjoy your own meal because you are worrying so much.

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