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My son just got diagnosed with celiac 10 days ago.So he is on a gluten free diet for 8 days now.However I don't see any changes yet on his swollen belly.When will he start to feel better?Oh! Last Sunday at church he received the holy communion and the bread after that was not gluten free ofcourse how bad is that?


Meagan - posted on 10/25/2012




My Daughter has Celiac, and it took about two weeks of her being gluten free before I noticed a change. Her swollen belly took a bit longer to go away. Its okay about the bread, her docs always said very small amounts wouldnt do major harm. But if you are still worried, call the doctor. I hope that helped.

I just noticed that you posted this about a month ago. Sorry for the late replys.


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Charlotte - posted on 02/19/2013




This is my favorite site for learning about celiac disease. It also has a link that lets you request a free celiac care package if you or your child has been diagnosed via biopsy in the past year. Biopsies are the only way to 100% accurately diagnose celiac. I also recommend finding a good pediatric gastroenterologist. A Ped GI doctor can provide the specialized care celiac patients need. My daughter was recently diagnosed via biopsy, and I plan on taking her back to her GI dr yearly to have her celiac level tested and check for thyroid and diabetes. People with autoimmune diseases have a much higher risk for those. Good luck!

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