Smaller undies?

Meagan - posted on 05/27/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is, like most other kids here, skinny. She is average height wise and around 24 lbs at 25 months. She is now potty trained (it was a total fluke that she is, but she is completely potty trained), and the issue I am finding is getting her undies. 2T in most brands I've tried is WAY too big and she is still wearing 12-18 month pants (although it's more 18 month now! Yay! lol). I have tried shrinking them (and even shrunk they are too big), so I am curious if anyone out there has any suggestions for brands that have smaller sizes or run REALLY small? For now, she runs around comando, but I want to avoid her getting used to being half naked. Thank you!


User - posted on 02/04/2012




I had the exact same problem with my little girl. The smallest undies I found (a little over a year ago) were Gerber training pants. They are cotton with a little extra padding in the crotch. My 3.5 year old still wears these (but has since been able to wear the "Dora" ones from target), even though she has been fully trained for some time. They are available in smaller sizes (I think 18 months is what we ordered) and are smaller around the waist than anything else I could find. Hope this helps! :) Crap I just realized how old your post is. Oh well, maybe my response will help another mom.

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