What are the symptoms of celiac? I thought my son just lactose intolerant but when he gets sick its all day and very severe.


Jenna - posted on 12/08/2011




Hey there can be a long list of symptoms! my daughter before been diagnosed was constantly sick and had diahorea (sorry cant spell!) and went to been constipated very quickly! She also lost a lot a weight but had a large tummy!
But the main symptons can be as follows:
•abdominal pain and bloating
•chronic or occasional diarrhoea
•iron-deficiency anaemia (but also folate and/or vitamin B12)
•nausea or vomiting
•weight loss
I know there is cases of mouth ulsers but think this is rare. I was diagnosed as a result of my daughers diagnosis and had no outward signs other than always been pailer than my siblings!

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