Mom's of children with asthma

A support center form mothers with asthmatic. Also get tips on new medicines and other asthma related disorders.


Kids on Singulair

I was just wondering if anyone else has children on Singulair who have had trouble with night terrors/hallucinations. My daugter has been on Singulair since she was about 4....


Singulair Seizures

my 10yr old son is a severe asthmatic and also allergic to everything under the sun, from all the grasses to soy beans, fish, nuts, trees, wheat... Anywho about 3-4 yrs ago his...


Side Effects of Medications

I'm wondering if anyone else has problems with the side effects of inhaled steroids like Flovent. My son has been on it for almost a year now after coughing at night for 3...



My son is 13 months and has asthma, also reflux and has allergies to soy and dairy. Flovent and singular keep him pretty good. I gave figured some triggers, but not all. He is...


Too much medicine?

My daughter was just diagnosed with Asthma in June. She does not have allergies, however it was brought on by a cold and now every time she gets a cold she get put on a ton of...


could singular be the issue

My now 4yr old has been taking singular since she was 6months. Could this be the cause of her night terrors, acting out, tantrums, defiance and add/adhd behavior?


Tracking My Child's Asthma

Hi group - I recently came across a company that sells a bluetooth inhaler attachment that can be used to remotely monitor inhaler adherence. Does anyone have any thoughts on...


Adverse effect to Singulair

My 5 year old son has been on singulair for 3 months. He has started rolling his neck and eyes around which appears to be involuntarily. It's a little difficult to describe but...


Dogs and Asthma

Sorry, one more question! My daughter recently did her allergy test, and aside from one food allergy we were aware of, the allergist said she was not allergic to animals, dust...


Kids on Singulair

My 9 year old son has Allergic Rhinitus and Asthma, we live in Australia where allergy is common. He also had a severe stroke at birth with fits and was taking Phenobarbitol to...


New and need some advice.

My daughter is 6 and suffers from allergies and asthma. She is currently taking a daily preventative and she also has a rescue inhaler and an epi pen all of which I carry with...


Natural Remedies

Hello I am new here and searching for other Parents who are going through similar questions as I am. I have a almost 9yrd son who was diagnosed with Asthma and has been getting...