Misdiagnosed as Asthma but NOT asthma

Katrisha Ann - posted on 08/08/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My 4 year old has had her 1st asthma attack at 4 months. It was very stressful to us because she was needed to be confined in the hospital. As years gone by our treatment protocol would be nebulize and oral medication - Ventolin. Honestly I noticed that all of these doesnt work for her. I have allergic rhinitis and my daughter manifests the same symptoms before getting a so called "asthma attack". Does anyone here have the same experience? Where asthma meds didnt work and your child was diagnosed to just have allergic rhinitis? HELP!


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Michelle - posted on 11/28/2009




The allergies could be causing the asthma to flair. My oldest son (14 yrs) told me at 330 thismorning that today was going to be a bad breathing day because his allergies were acting up and the new allergy med he started last week is not working well. At the time he had a slight wheeze and we did a neb treatment and he went back to sleep in the recliner with the neb mask on during the treatment. I called his doctor around 8 am and got a new scrip for a med that worked in the past

Its a month later and the medicine is working well for the moment. Joe was right though that was a bad breathing day and took a trip to the ER to get him fully under control again. I wish sometimes that we parents could give the needed injections to control this.

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Katrisha, Lisa and the others are correct. Allergies and Asthma go hand in hand. Unfortunately, Allergic Rhinitis doesn't cause wheezing. However, it can trigger wheezing in Asthmatics. If the medicine that your daughter is currently take is not working, it may not be because she doens't have asthma. It may be because they are not controlling her symptoms properly. A medicine switch may be what she needs to get the symptoms under control. However, if all she has is a runny nose, than maybe the doctor is over treating. Good luck and keep us posted.

Janne Helen - posted on 08/15/2009




Have you checked the posibility for musty in the walls or seiling? I had similar problem and found out there had been a water leak in the wall. It could caused your problem too. I no longer need the asthma medicine. Good luck and I hope you find the answer for your problem.

Debbi - posted on 08/13/2009




Worrying about our children is the hardest! allergies and asthma are both inflammatory conditions, an overaction of the immune system. Just curious, do you have any auto-immune issues? You can do a lot to help by increasing her intake of God's natural anti-inflammatories- fruits and vegetables. She will need lots. The recommendation now is 7-13 different ones/day. Fresh and raw are best. So many kids are afflicted with inflammatory issues today. It's epidemic. It is related to our lack of healing foods and toxins in the environment. The more toxins, the more fruits and vegetables you need to combat. (I'm a fitness/wellness coach, have taught for 23 years. Spoke this week at a center for autism. I researched this well.) If you feel you can't get enough in yourself or your child, you might check out what my family takes at add17.com Your 4 year old can get this for free. email the link and ask how after you watch the video, if you like. This is a huge help and Dr. Bill Sears, world renowned pediatrician gives it to his family.

Lisa - posted on 08/12/2009




As you probably know, allergies and asthma run hand in hand. My oldest has severe allergies, and has had asthma since she was an infant. He allergic rhinitis has not flared up her asthma in the last few years. But the drainage certainly can make you tight, or lead to chest congestion. Getting her on a nasal spray would probably be the best thing to control the rhinitis, and keep the drainage at bay. Good luck!

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