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Susie - posted on 10/28/2008 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hey, I am new to this group. Just thought I would give a little background. My angel Jack Jack was born 5 years ago. I was in labor for 12 hours and didn't see one doctor until the last 18 minutes. He was decelerating for 3 hours before birth, but no doctor. Finally, 18 minutes before he was delivered, he decelled and didn't come back. They used a vaccuum twice and it popped off, so they grabbed the forceps, and they slipped off, he was in severe distress. They cut me to a 3rd degree epesiotomy and reapplied the forceps. He finally came out, black with no respirations and no heart rate. They finally got a heart beat and 9 minutes after he was born they intubated and took him down to the NICU. We were in the NICU for 6 weeks where I was told that he may not ever see the light of day. He had his first seizure at 5 hours of age. He had a G-tube placed at 3 weeks of age.

A year after he was born, I found out that the hospital where he was born, intubated him a total of 4 times in 39 minutes and until the last time, did not get it right. So he went a total of 66 minutes without pure oxygenation of the blood. He was satting at 27% for 35 miutes.

He has severe extrapyramidal CP, intractable seizures, CVI, HTN, asthma, Trach and G-tube ddependant, sensory integration disorder, pervasive primitive reflux disorder, VNS patient, Keto kid and all around goofy kid.

I joined this group because had the doctor come in to see me during those 12 hours, and done a C-section, my son would be walking and talking and live a long life.

As it is now, I am blessed that he has made it 5 years, but I am told at every appointment that we are living on borrowed time. I know that my angel is a fighter and I won't believe that he is going to die until he tells me it is time for him.

Until then, I am fighting every day of my life for him.

Thanks for reading


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Debra - posted on 11/07/2008




people surpass what doctors say all the time. You are a strong and wonderful mom and hang in there your son will make all the final calls. My son went 23 minutes without oxygen when he was first born, and suffered seizures, and cardiac arrest in the next few days following. He has severe cerebral palsy, and like you if the doctors would have remembered that its not just a job but a life in their hands. My son would be walking and talking. But then again I think of how lucky we are that they are here, and I never take him for granted. God bless you....and yours.

Jacqulynn - posted on 10/28/2008




You know's just that from the doctors that can either save or break lives....had my doctor had sent me down for an ultrasound I wouldn't be dealing with bpi in my son...because they would have given me a c section.

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