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HI Iam in Maryland and we have our second IEP meeting tomorrow , I have a draft of the IEP and it looks ok, but doesn't include a lot of the supports out lined in the testing report. I have been very concerned about what to do, we where going to hire an educational advocate but it was just too expensive and I didn't really have an idea of what to expect or if it was necessary at all. I know that the school is trying to do as much as they can while spending as little as possible which I understand as a former teacher but as a Mom I think of this and it makes my blood boil "how dare they not spend every dollar possible and put every support in place right away for my child!!!" Do any of you have any advice for me as I go in to this meeting? Or any advice as to how to proceed afterward so my daughter gets the best support possible?


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My daughter is 8 and in the 2nd grade I have been dealing with IEP meetings since she was in grade K. My problem is everytime I have a meeting with them all the show me is the goals that that want my daughter to overcome,the benchmarks but they don't tell me how manys of these she has overcome I just feel it's the same thing every year and not making any headway.My advice is ask ask and ask everything write it down so you don't forget and push them as hard as you can. i could write more on this subject but it would turn into a novel lol I wish you best of luck !!

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HI Miranda, I think they are trying to help but I am not sure they are willing to cover everything she may need all at once, they have this attitude that they should start with since this was the first IEP my daughter has had. Last year we had a 504 plan, which did very little to help her. The school has told me that I can come back and ask them to readdress the plan at any time and I plan to I will do so immediately if our therapist or anyone else sees problems in it once we have it. I wanted to get it to them before our meeting but with out the plan in place my daughter is getting no help at all which isn't acceptable either so I want to get some help in place then tinker with it as needed other wise she will have no help.

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Don't sign the IEP if you don't like what it says. Make sure you understand it all. This is where most of the schools get by with so much. Don't sign a draft, make sure it is the main IEP. Also get you parents rights, this must be given out at every IEP meeting. READ IT, UNDERSTAND it. this is your rights. What ever the IEP states is what the school is going to do, nothing more, nothing less. The states get paid for every IEP they get, but it is up to the parents to insure that the child gets all the help they need for the FREE EDUCATION. I know for Oklahoma I was able to get a book called the parents handbook.. it has a lot of info in it that the school does not tell but it is the law. I just looked up the Maryland state education web page. They have a lot of info on it. I didn't see a book like I have but it does state the laws and things on it. I didn't spend a lot of time on it, so you might be able to find some info out. Once you hit the main page look for special education then keep following the links. If you need more help shoot me a line. It really makes my blood boil when schools don't help our kids.

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