Standing Up for your Child's IEP

Susie - posted on 02/28/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I sued my school district for not following my son's IEP. They made me sign a contract giving up all the rights of me and my child to sue them again as long as they fulfulled the terms of their agreement....well they not only breech the contract their attorney stated to me in an IEP meeting "An IEP is absolutely NOT a legal document". Well I contacted the board of Ed special needs dept and found our pretty much what I already IS A LEGAL DOCUMENT AND THE SCHOOL HAS TO FOLLOW IT! So now I've reported them as NOT IN COMPLIANCE and coinceidently or not they are getting audited this spring!

P.S. Most of the teachers are good just not aware there was an IEP but I did just find out it is there responsibility once they have been notified of the child's IEP to know it and follow it.


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JEANETTE - posted on 03/18/2011




i so i agree my son has a iep in place to help him luckly i have a great line open between me and the school now but it wasnt always that way. at my sons old school they would just let him sit in the back and do nothing and it was told to me he had a iep he would never be held back now i have a 6th grader who reads at a 4th grade level if that and that hard for him he struggles but with the great teachers now he gets the help needed but when asked how he made it this far i was told he was holding everything in his memory so he was able to act like he was reading things . so yeh i do agree you gotta stand up for these kids if not they are just labeled and and sometimes forgotten but when you do find a good school hold on to it as long as you can it is also my understanding most states give parents with kids who have iep the right of school choice so you can pick which school will service your child better. so that might be worth looking into.

Mary - posted on 09/03/2010




If parents do not stand up for their child's IEP who will? Do not assume that your school has your childs best interests at heart! Read it and then confirm it is being followed. Even the best of schools can fail a child when there is money involved. And even the best of teachers can have their hands tied by a money hungry administration. Good for you Susie for standing up for your childs rights!

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