my baby has 6 fingers on both hands

Deborah - posted on 03/24/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




hi, im Deb, ive got 5 sons,

Harri is my 5th son, an hr after he was born, we discovered an extra finger on each of his hands.

normally these would be tied off at birth, but Harri's have nerves and blood supply, although there is no bone in the actual conection, so they are not functional at all,...

but they sure are cute!

They will be surgicaly removed within the next 2-3 mths... im a bit worried, ive grown quite attatched to them! im even gong to miss them.

ive taken photos, handprints and even had plaster molds done so i can remember them forever!

im extremely greatful to be here, and over the moon to have others to talk to!


Heather - posted on 10/07/2009




Hi Deb,

I just discovered this sight so am late replying, how did the op go with your son, I was born with and extra thumb so had six fingers on one hand, they removed it when I was 5yrs old. I still have some bone left and it doesn't look normal I was always embaressed of it at school and covered it with a bandaid etc. as the op was done a long time ago, I'm now 42. I havn't met many others with it. Look forward to hear how its going, I suppose its all gone and all good by now, cheers.


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Nay - posted on 01/12/2014




Hi heather

This was so long ago. I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone. I'm 26 years old and I'm going to be honest I found out I had extra fingers by putting two and two together in nursing school when I was learning about birth defects. My parents never wanted to tell me why the scars were there. I do remember as a little girl my grandmother said I had extra thumbs but whispered it to herself. I am pregnant now with my first baby. I found this sight searching for mothers who were born with extra digits and if their children were born with it as well. Do you have any kids?
Thanks for sharing your story. Thats the only reason why I joined. Your story sounds like mine. I get embarrassed til this day. My boyfriend of 8 years never said anything about it. Its a touchy topic for me.

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