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Moms of children with mixed Asian heritage

Racism is still prevalent in this world. Being of mixed heritage isn't easy, especially with having to integrate two very different cultural identities and language. This struggle is somewhat unique for Asians in western society, as many of us are treated as perpetual foreigners despite our western society roots. Are your children of mixed Asian heritage, or are you? This is a place to meet other moms and to share our experiences.



Hey guys! Lets get to know each other... where's everyone from, what's your baby mixed with, and what has been the toughest thing you've encountered so far? (Whether it be with...


New Here :D

I just joined today and my son will be 17 months old on the 18th of this month. :] He is half white (from me) and half Laotian from his dad (: He was born 10-18-10 at 10:58 pm....


New Here so Hi!!!

I am new here....though I guess I said that already. I myself am mixed African-Indian American and my fiance is full Korean. He has two children(full Korean) from his previous...



So I just found out I am pregnant again my first child is NOT Asian... and this one is going to to i explain to people later that both these kids are since...


Hi New Here

Hi, I am a 22 year old mum of two little girls,Isabella 17months and Sienna 5months. My husband is half Malaysian/Chinese and half New Zealand European.I am New Zealand...