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Moms of children with OCD

Children with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can have a variety of difficulties, which can make life very stressful for other family members. There are challenges with teachers, friends of the child (or teen, or adult), & in severe cases, the lifestyle of the entire family is involved. This community can be a springboard for discussion & sharing of ideas in tough times.


Child awaiting OCD diagnosis

This weekend our daughter age 10 started having obtrusive thoughts and then began confessing and screaming at me saying she had to get the bad thoughts out or something bad...


Could it just be stress?

I have a kid, age 8, who has increasingly displayed symptoms of OCD for about a year and a half. Over the past few months, it has developed into counting steps, counting words,...


licking hands/feet

hi my daughter has OCD she licks the tip of her fingers and will sometimes then rub her feet, she also has the need to relay stories with every bit of detail included, she was...


5 year old diagnosed with ocd

My daughter will be 5 in May and was recently diagnosed with ocd. There were signs very early on but she was my first and I thought she was just difficult. We're seeing a...


Does bad thoughts OCD ever go away?

To anyone that has/had a child that has/had bad thought OCD, has this gone away? My daughter will be 8 soon and is always confessing bad thoughts that she has to me. This...


12 year old daughter with OCD-HELP!

My 12 year old daughter has struggled with anxiety for the past 3-4 years. It gets worse at night time but now her anxiety is all day long. Her anxiety manifests itself through...


Bad thoughts only when bored

My daughter has started getting bad thoughts that pop up when she is bored. Has just been away on holiday and has not had any thoughts? Does this sound like OCD? I have had her...


PANDAS disease

Has anyone heard of this disease PANDAS. It associated OCD with strep. My 8 year old son was fine, had a sore throat, and then a couple of weeks later woke up a different...


NeuroFeedback success?

We have just started neurofeedback for my son who is 11. I have read so many positive things about this and it was suggested by his neurologist. After 6 sessions nothing has...


bad thought OCD

My 10 year old son had ocd. His is not so much rituals it is worry thoughts and bad thoughts. This has been a nightmare for my family. We are trying to cope on a day to day...


bad thoughts

my son 6 yrs old has just recently has been having problems. He starts out saying "in my head", i belong to the devil, i'm burning in hell, i hate you, i see a giant cockroach...


Does my 5-yr-old boy has OCD?

My son just turned 5 years old in September. Since last week, his habit of turning back his head became much worse. About a year ago, he started from looking at his hands, or...