Does my 3 year old have OCD

Melissa - posted on 12/26/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 3 year old (almost 4 in Feb) has been exhibiting some unusual behaviors. Not sure if it's OCD or not. She is counting EVERYTHING! She sometimes makes me count when I wipe her or if I ask her to do something she will count on her fingers and then do it. She had a ballet recital recently and a girl stepped on her "number" on the stage and now she refuses to return to the class. The number she counts isn't always the same...although she prefer 5 a lot. I have noticed this in the past few months getting worse and I know OCD is connecrted with Anxiety and I then question what is the anxiety about. There have been no changes in school/home although she does go to a very accredited school that expects a lot out of their kids. She is has been told her has "sensory intergration disorder" by her school and she has been getting occupational therapy from an OT for about 9 months now and her OT said she has show steady improvement. I guess I just wanted to see if other moms had similar experience and get some feedback. Thanks so much!


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I have a 7yr old son with OCD. And a 3 yr old son I'm watching for it (he exhibits some tendencies). My husband has it so I've been dealing with OCD for a long time. I new my 7 yr old had OCD since he was 2 - if I moved his juice box while he was eating lunch, everything would stop until it was fixed. He just couldn't function because it wasn't 'right'. He would also hoard - for example he would stuff all of his fruit snacks in his mouth at once. He started going to a center-based early intervention program at 3, so I didn't pursue any kind of dx until he was in Kindergarten. His OCD is fairly mild & a lot of it is manageable with schedules. As long as his schedule is your schedule, you don't even notice his OCD. And his classmates know not to put away something that he was playing with, even if he's not doing it fast enough. He also has some sensory issues.

That being said, with a 3 yr old sometimes it's just a phase or them trying to take control of something in their life. Neither of my daughters has OCD, but they both went through phases where they wanted something a certain way for a while. At 3 they are learning so much & have so little control over their life. So sometimes they show off what they're learning or try to assert what control they do have.

I'm probably not being a whole lot of help here. But for now I'd say try not to give in to her all the time. And watch for her response to not being able to do something a certain way. My 7 yr old still has major meltdowns when something isn't 'right' or he can't sit in 'his' spot (think of a 2 yr old tantrum). The meltdowns are very common in kids with OCD.

Good luck! Also, speak with her OT & teacher about your OCD concerns and see if they are noticing anything. Most kids act a little differently for teachers than they do for their parents.

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