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Moms of Children with PKU

Share stories, advice, recipies, or whatever with mom's of children with PKU



I am acutually a mom with PKU that has a child who DOESN'T have PKU.


Conference in Hartford

Hi everyone! I was just curious if anyone was attending the PKU conference in Hartford, Ct. It's Sunday, May 23. Hope everyone is doing well!


PKU events

Does anybody know of any picnics or other pku events happening around the east coast for 2010? I live in ct so going to surrounding states within driving distance is fine. if...


PKU monitoring

Just wanted to know if anyone has done any at home monitoring. We currently send it through our state health department. Thanks


baby starting food

Hey everyone, My little Bella is going to be starting foods soon.Does anyone have any suggestions on this? Do you have a grams scale you use? If si where did you but it? Thanks...



My daughter is only 7 months old so I don't have much advice to share but I am hoping to find Mommys who do! :)