Moms of Children with Tuberous Sclerosis (TSC)

this community is for moms who have children with tuberous sclerosis complex (tsc).


Need some advice!

I need some advice about my sons T.S the drs tell me all the medical bits but just want some parents opinions on how they deal with things like tantrums and teaching things like...


hi, i am rikki.

i have a 6 month old daughter named emma who was diagnosed with tsc at 2 weeks old and it never was 'real' until about a onth ago when she started having seizures. im still in...



My daughter Alyssa, 1, was just diagnosed today with TSC. So far we know here symptoms are seizures as they previously told us she had epilepsy. She is currently taking...


new to group

hi, I have a 6 yrold boy that has TS .I found out about it whin he was 3yrold by acciedent.he was jimping on the bed and he fall off. whin we took him to the hospital thay did...



Hi. My name is Jennifer. I have two children, Cody (14) and Cherokee (10). We found out my son had TS when he was 6 months old with seizures. When he turned 6, his blank stare...