Im not convinced it is reflux! Any thoughts?

Sarah - posted on 03/31/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son was born 2/1/12. He will be two months old tomorrow. He is our first baby. He had a rough start, and was diagnosed with Severe acid reflux after having a Upper GI done at one month of age. He is on Zantac .06MG twice a day. Hayden is a very fussy baby, screams a lot, and I know that he is in pain. He was eating 4 ounces every 3 hours, vomiting at least 6 times a day. His pediatrician sent us for the Upper GI to rule out Pyloric Synopsis. (spelling) Hayden gags, chokes, has even choked so bad he has turned blue.

We have recently added cereal to his bottles to try and keep the formula in him. We switched to different bottles/nipples, he is also on Alimentum formula powder. It seems as he done great for the first few days, and now two weeks into adding the cereal we are back to square one. He is gagging, choking, throwing up, when he burps he gags, sometimes cannot catch his breath. The last two days he has lost all interest in eating. He will eat a 5 1/2 oz bottle for his first two feedings of the day, and the rest of his feedings he will take 3oz at the most. He is very gassy, burps and gags a lot. We feed him in a up right position, we try to keep him still as can be for one hour after feeding, keeping him up right.

It seems as though he does fine after a nights sleep, around 4pm everyday is when he starts to refuse bottles, turns his head away, pulls knees up to his belly, screams a pain scream, will not even take a pacifier unless I keep trying. He has a cough that he has had since he was a few weeks old, and also sneezes often, and has done so since he was born. Since he was born, I have had him in the dr's several times, and all the Dr can say is "he is gaining weight so I am happy." I am not a happy mother, I know when he is in pain, which is all to frequent. I'm not sure that it is normal babies gag, choke, throw up, and scream constantly at a certain time on a daily basis. Sometimes it takes him a bit to even catch his breath.

I'm at wits end, I feel helpless that I cannot take his pain away, and would like any advice I can get. He went 24 hours with no BM, finally just went as my husband was feeding him. When we first started the cereal in his bottle, his pediatrician said it would constipate him. He was going 3 times a day, soft, light brown/yellow in color. Last week he started 2 times a day, and in the last three days he has gone twice. They are loose stools, dark green. Yesterday when he was screaming, pulling knees to belly, was biting hands (obviously hungry) but would not eat, I tried a warm wash cloth on his lower abdomen. He would stop crying, smile, flail his hands and feet and babble. I done it twice, and it lasted 10 minutes and he was back to screaming again. Any Ideas???


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