21 year old moved back home extremely disresectful

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Im hurting beyond words. I raised my daughter in a christian home with morals and values especially respecting her elders.
She made some shocking poor choices that has landed her where she is today. With a boyfriend of 3.5 years no job, no licence, smokes pot his not changed since weve meet him. Shes lost her licence due to not paying fines now lost her job. Shes in huge amount of debt we told she can move home rent free, free food but she needs to start looking for work close to home to start paying off her debts shes done nothing towards bettering herself. She speaks to me and my husband so disrepectful calling us f###ing pyschos and how much we dont care for her and how she hates is. She states she feels she lives in a prision which ive made clear this isnt so. She cobstantly swears at us and screams. Everything is our fault. I just cant seem to cooe with this. We are trying to help her but shes breaking me. I feel im suffering anxiety im now snappy and my husband and my teenage boys. I dont know what to do anymore. My heart is breaking.


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Melissa - posted on 04/29/2018




I am sure some will feel this is not for them - or tell me it is wrong, but my guess is, even raised in a christian home, she was not disciplined when needed. .

Her actions denote absolutely no respect to you, your husband or the home she was raised in..

It is time for tough love. Either she moves out, and can live with her loser boyfriend, or she understands that under your roof, it is your rules..

I can honestly say, a couple of good whippings for her - she will either find a way to move out, or understand you are both done with her abusing you and taking advantage of you..

Give her a choice. .2 weeks to move out, or she begins getting a leather strap on a regular basis.. I believe you will either have peace in the home, or a more respectful daughter.. I would use her debt and guidelines for 2 times a week punishment.. getting her to focus on a job, to pay down her debt.

If she things she lives in a prison - then she will be punished.. Or move out.. It really is that simple.. My daughter is 16 and disciplined on a regular basis. if she were acting the way your daughter is.. she wouldnt be able to sit most of the time..

Sarah - posted on 05/10/2017




Time to get tough and tell her to either meet the expectations you gave her when she moved in- or she has to move out. Sometimes we are cruel to the one we love and deep down know are right. She's 21, you did your job. You offered to help her if she'd help herself, so now you really have to just let her grow up and figure things out for herself.

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