How do you help your teen deal with the reality of moving on from high school?

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My daughter is graduating high school next week, and she is feeling various signs of depression, such as anger, sadness, and being tired, with the symptoms just repeating themselves. She has been a bit dramatic over the past few days, crying and feeling like she is not going to amount to anything in college since she doesn’t know what she wants to major in just yet. But we all know that a number of graduating seniors don’t know what they want to major in until they start college. She will be attending a community college for a year, then moving on to an in-state college.

I was talking with her yesterday about what she is going through, and it seems like nothing positive I say helps, she just starts crying and feeling like life is over. She is a very outgoing girl, and perhaps it’s just fear of the unknown that is taking over, but I don’t know how explain to her without just telling her how to feel, that everything is going to be ok. Lots of exciting new things are about to happen, but all she can focus on is the loss of this life she has known for the past 4 years, plus the thought of losing her friends. I’ve tried to tell her she will be able to keep up with them on Facebook, but I guess it’s not the same as seeing them every day.

Does anyone have any advice on how to lighten her spirits? Or do you think this is something I should just let her deal with on her own and it will eventually pass after graduation? It seems that nothing her dad or I says, really helps. She went out with some friends last night to try to keep her mind off of things, but when she is home, I hate seeing this sadness on her face. I don’t think taking her to a doctor is the solution, I know this is temporary, but anything to help in the meantime as she moves through this transition?


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My dd is sad about HS ending as well, We just keep refocusing on what lays ahead. She loved HS and was in a million clubs, two sports and did great in her classes. She is excited about going away, but has shed a ton of tears this week.

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