I'm single and just sent my "baby" to college. I just feel lost......

Beth - posted on 09/25/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My oldest is overseas in USAF, and other two in college. They are doing exactly what I raised them to do. Wonderful kids, but were very active in school activities. I'm a recent college graduate and fear that I may turn into a workaholic to decrease the time I spend at home.

I just miss getting those phone calls and text messages several times a day...Just tell me there are others like me out there!


Stacia - posted on 09/25/2009




I know exactly how you feel. For 22 years, everything I did, said, or thought, was influenced by the presense of my children. They were the main consideration behind any decision I made. It is beyond strange to not get the phone calls or texts asking where the peanut butter is or if I can give someone a ride. The still contact me, but I know it's so I wont be lonely, not because they really need me for very much anymore. That's really the problem, at least for me. It's not being needed enough. I think that's the key to getting through this period of life. Figure out what you need. Do you need to be busy and social like you were when you went to all the school activities your children were in? Do you need to have a lot of interaction with teenagers because you miss the energy they seem to exude? Or, mayber you're like me and just need to be needed. Figure that out and you'll figure out what you need to do about it. Gook luck.

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My son is going into the Air Force next week. I would feel the same as you. I have a plan though. As soon as he is out of basic I am mailing him a videophone so I can actually see him when I call him. All it takes is high speed internet to work the phone. I actually am an ACN Independent Rep and this is my niche market. If you would like to see your children when you call...check out my video phone at Http://thefishers.acnrep.com. It will change the way you communicate and connect you with your kids. Technology is wonderful....let me know if I can help.

In service,

Michelle Fisher



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Liz - posted on 10/27/2009




yes. my daughter went to the Navy four years ago--and now she is across country in college. I am a single mom --and no matter how long they are gone you still miss them. Tresure the moments when they remember you and just because they don't call or text as often does not mean that they have 'forgotten' you. After all, they are adults now.

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