My College Daughter Went to the ER - I Was Helpless – Anyone else?

Gail - posted on 11/09/2017 ( no moms have responded yet )




My husband and I were still adjusting to our new empty-nester lifestyle, as our daughter, Alex, had moved to an out-of-state college just months before. Everything was fine – or so we thought – until that late night call that no parent ever wants to receive.

It was my daughter. She was in an ambulance. “Mom, it’s me. I’m okay... but it’s really bad.” Then the EMT took over. “We’re calling with a partial amputation. We’re pulling into emergency. We’ll call you back.” Click.

I felt helpless – and in a panic. Desperate to help, I reached for my cell phone. But I had no contacts – none from the college, no local emergency resources, not even Alex’s roommates.

I also realized something that had never crossed my mind before: Alex was 18 – a legal adult. I no longer had the rights to her medical affairs without permission. Had she not been conscious enough to call, we would have slept through the night completely oblivious to the fact that our Alex was receiving emergency surgery.

Thankfully, the surgery went well. But I kept thinking about our traumatic experience, and knew I couldn’t be alone. I was shocked to learn that more than 4 million college-aged young people visit the ER every year, so many other parents or guardians may have experienced what I went through.

I became motivated to change the status quo and provide parents with peace of mind when they send their child off to college. So, the entrepreneur in me created Umergency, a free app for students that gives them and their parents all the tools needed to navigate through any emergency, health or safety situation, with alert beacons, signed medical consent forms available at your fingertips, along with aggregated emergency contact data, GPS location tracking and more.

Anyone else experience something like this with their child? Would love to hear your stories, opinions or thoughts on the matter.

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