My daughter a spoil brat

Augiefree44 - posted on 01/24/2018 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a daughter that 22 she staring acting out when she was 5 her being the youngest of 4 sisters her oldest sister 32 and she has high functional autism ( Aspergers) I thinking my youngest on the spectrum or bi polar . She hateful but she seems more ugly when she has a boyfriend this her second boyfriend and she act more of a bitch toward us . She broke up with him he was her age . The new guy she been with over a year he 24 he a welder , but while dated he always acuse of cheating she is a pretty girl and a big flirt . But he knew this . They broke up off and off because of his Jealous . My daughter was working on her ged pass all but the math by 30 points and has a job now she quit and always calling and she had to say mom I am I Home and I Hollar yes so he will hear . So now she pregnant and she was on my insurance but they don’t pay for dependent pregnancy , so I kept picking at the father and my daughter to sigh up for Medicaid , she lives with me . And now her boyfriend got a better job 3 hours away from me and her sisters . Anyway show e always saying she not letting none of us see her baby . I says good . I bought her baby boy some cute outfits she said take them back she don’t want them . She seems to be acting out more because of her boyfriend I think the idea to move her away so he have better control of her . She drove one of my cars but not taking it . And I tips her after 5 years on my plan I was going to another plan and to get your boyfriend to put you on his and she say she not give out her number I said good . She is alway got to bitch she acts like she unhappy all the time she was outgoing and talk to people now she like don’t take to no one . I think her boyfriend controlling . He acts ok with me to my face b. But I told him you 2 need to grow up and acts like adults you having a baby on the way .. well she due feb 16 . She and her man came got the rest of her stuff out my house because they got a apartment . I haven’t seen her since 3 days before thanksgiving and she came yesterday I was working nights and I woke up which she told me she was coming . But anyways I wanted to see how much bigger she got we’ll she. Had a camflauge jacket on zip up and it was like 76 outside well I went to touch her belly she said don’t touch my belly I says why did you have it she said no she didn’t look like she was pregnant then she Saids I won’t never see her son . I said I don’t care !! I ask her you need help moving stuff she said no and so I went outside see if the baby was in the car but I only seen a small uhaul truck and I went back inside the house I said where your boyfriend he was in the room with the door lock and she started slamming doors I went and lay back down . Then I got back up and ask her again if she had her baby she said no and she got smart and slam the door again and cussing me and I ask her boyfriend did already have the baby he said no . Not sure if she had it or not but she was nasty and I left and slam the house door and haul Ass and stay gone for 3 hours . They were gone . It’s like she ashame she pregnant or something it’s like she didn’t want none of her friends know or family . But it’s ok to tell his family . I am done with her . She knows I never in my life be Afraid of her I never in my life be afraid of my kids . They know I am there for them but I be dam I will put up with abuse

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