My daughter is in college and likes to party. She is involved in a sorority and I'm concerned with the parties that go along with sororities and faternities. My daughter received an MIC a few years ago and again this year and is not 21 year. I often wonder if I should take her out of the sorority or show I let her stay. I realize she can do this no matter whether she is in a sorority or not..just concerned and don't know if I should just let it go.


Marilyn - posted on 08/13/2012




I have the same concern about my son who is in a Fraternity. He just turned 21 and is very much into the drinking scene. He has kept his grades up and is on track for graduation so I have looked at it as one of life's lessons. College is kids first time away from home and parents rules. I know that he is a good kid and has good life values and goals. One of his friends that graduated this spring told me the other day that he has realized that he can't maintain the college life in the working world when he has to go to work everyday. So I have let the college drinking pass as a phase and he will figure it out when he is in the working world.

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