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Hi, my little man Dec 15th has started to get very stroppy when he doesn't get his own way and if i ever say no to him he bursts in to tears and throws himself on the floor. He won't get up unless I pick him up, tonight he stayed on all fours crying for atleast 5 min's before I gave in to him. HELP :) I have two older daughters and boys are SO different. Anyone else having the same problems? Any suggestions? Emma


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Challis - posted on 03/17/2010




If your song gets used to getting responses from his negative behavior he will continue it. "No" is a healthy boundary to learn. As a tip, you can replace no with sounds such as "Uh uh uH!" or "we don't do this but can can do this". GIving your child an option gives him power to choose. But, as the parent it is important that you choose what his options are. By giving your child options they will be happy to get whatever it is that they finally pick. If your having issues with your child getting into thing they shouldn't redirect them to play with a toy instead. The other options for saying "no" are useful because it will keep him from getting used to that word. No should be reserved for things that are definite no-no's such as running into the street or hitting a sibling. Even if your child does not respond to other words or even options he will in time. By starting the routine of it now he will get used to it and will respond to it. I hope this helps you!

Bethany - posted on 03/16/2010




With our son, we make sure he's safe on the floor and let him throw his fit. We ignore him completely when he does if we are able to do so. He gets the idea that it is unacceptable behavior and usually stops now within 2 minutes. It was his doctors suggestion, and the tantrums are getting shorter. Good luck, and be strong! I know its hard.

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