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Andrea - posted on 09/24/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello, My name is Andrea and I am a mom of a destructive child. My 5 year old is destructive but he mostly can be controlled with simple redirection. However, I have 2 year old and sometimes I don't have the chance to act fast enough to my oldest son. He just started kindergarten this year and it hasn't been going so well. I don't know what's really happening at school but for some reason my son has become aggressive towards other students. As of today, it was decided that he will have some behavorial testing done because of it. I'm not happy about it all but I'm doing what needs to be done before he gets too out of control.


Marlana - posted on 10/15/2009




Do you ask your son what is happening at school? What you might have to do is get a babysitter and drive to the school and watch him to see if he is getting bullied because really the child doesn't attack inless someone is bullying him and he is tring to stand up for himself and the teachers these days don't really watch cause they really don't get paid alot of money so its like i don't care boys will be boys kinda thing but i would also talk to the teachers and if that doesn't work sweetie i would homeschool the child for awhile and take him on play date to get him use to other childern

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