moms of diabetic children

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What's in your bag?

What supplies are in your diabetic bag? What do you use for a bag? Over the past 16 months that we have been diagnosed, I have tried all kinds of bags and have yet to find...


Problems Pump & my 3.5yr old

Hi, I am new to the Circle of Mom's, First a bit of a intro. I am a House Wife living abroad. We have 2 boys 1.5 & 3.5 and a baby on the way. My 3.5 yr old Son Tristan was...


6 yo diabetic

I have a 6 yo girl who was d'xd at just shy of 5. We have been dealing with a move and other issues and her A1C jumped from a 7 to 13.5 in 3 mos. Now we are struggling with lows...


whats wrong?

my 6 month old wont stop crying lately, how do i know if he has an earache or something. i have tried everything to get him to sleep but it aint working, panadol etc.Or maybe he...


when he was diagnosed

Brian’s story I was so glad to see that silly dilly was over his cold. He was only seven months old and I always worry about my babies, especially before they are old enough...


Acoustics for a Cure

All Kansas City, MO Families: Tickets are on sale for Acoustics for a Cure through Ticketmaster at the Beaumont Club. This is a benefit concert/silent auction to raise money...


COSTS of Insulin Pumps

Can someone please give me advice or insight on the costs of the various insulin pumps? I'm looking at the OmniPod but I'm concerned about the monthly costs.


Hospitalized for DKA

Hi Everyone- This is the first time I've posted here but I'm in dire need of some advice. My daughter is 11 and has been diabetic for 3 and a half years. She has a VERY bad...


Any Tips for the Insulin Pump?

My daughter will be starting her insulin pump on March 12th. We still have 2 more trips to the Barbara Davis Center before she starts. I was just wondering if anyone had any...