considering an insulin pump, need your thoughts

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Our daughter is newly diag w/ type 1 diabetes in Feb 09. We are doing fine with her intensive insulin therapy but are considering an insulin pump. She is 9 yrs old and we feel the earlier we get this started it will becaome a good life choice for our child's long term health. Give us your insights, thoughts, pros and cons. The more information helps us make the right choice.


Nicky - posted on 06/07/2009




Pumps are hard work. They are like a part time job. Do not believe the hype that your child will always be in range because it just is not true. We wouldnt go back to MDI but they are certainly not set and forget pieces of technology. If your insurance is going to pay for it, get one. You can always set it on the shelf if your daughter does not like it. Best of luck.

Kelly - posted on 04/04/2009




we are also thinking about starting the pump for my 13 yr old son. He'll be coming up on 1yr since his diagnosis and not sure if its still too soon. his dr. thinks he's a good candidate, but my son is still a little iffy. Its a big decision its gonna take some time. good luck w/whatever you decide.


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Heather - posted on 06/04/2009




We are working on getting the new guardian system with the new minimed pump, my daughter was diagnosed at age 7. We went thru the long acting with the short acting insulin where the poor kid has to eat a certain amount and then went to the insulin pen (which is so much closer to the pump) where she did insulin when she ate and only if she wanted to eat.... it was the pen that helped us get to the pump, plus our Dr thru UC Davis Med center made sure we knew how to do everything before we could have the pump....

The normal concerns about pumping is forgetting.... I have back up kits everywhere (cars, school, purse) for some reason they will test, eat and then just forget to do insulin (when they forget)... every morning is a ritual, she checks her battery life, how many units she has left, her site (to make sure it is well stuck and not inflamed), and then the test strips in her kit... there are less surprises if you get into a routine on checking things before youleave the house.

Our house can be kinda crazy, we have 5 kids and Macy (our diabetic) is the oldest. So I can forget easily, she has to keep on top of it.

The new pump with the guardian has a continuous blood glucose monitoring has an alarm for under 90 and over 200 .... Inusrance companies have started to approve payment for it... I recommend everyone calling minimed for their info!!!! Its great.

Good luck, and if you have any specific questions... don't hesitate to ask...

Kristi - posted on 05/08/2009




Do it my son has been on it since 11 and is now 14. It will make both of your live easier.

Liz - posted on 05/05/2009




Hello, I have a 2 year old who is type one, he was diagnosed two weeks before his first birthday, it was a very very hard thing to hear, I had no idea that children that young could get diabetes, its been a year now and march 23 we got his insulin pump. I was VERY nervous given his age. but he wasnt a problem at all he left it alone and was very good about the pump. however the first week was a living hell, we had to change his infusion site four times the first week, we were in the hospital the weekend after we got it and again two weeks later. It was almost like a brand new diagnosis all over again, it was scary and hard. But now that its been a little while I love the pump it has made life so much easier!!! its just different then the injections and it just takes getting used to...

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I just joined this community and can already tell it can be helpful. My son was diagnosed at age 7 (March, 2002). He received his pump 1 year later. It has been the best thing ever!!! His control improved greatly because the pump calculates the amount of insulin he would need to the 0.01 unit. His A1C went from 10.3% to 8.1% within the first 6 months of having his pump.

He is still able to play basketball and baseball while wearing his pump. He can play football, but he has to remove his pump (don't want it to get tackled too).

Hope this helps with your decision.


Derise Kelley

[deleted account]

My daughter was diagnosed when she was 2 1/2 and put on an insulin pump when she was 3 1/2. It has been wonderful and so much easier for management. She is now 11 and can handle it pretty much on her own, although mom and dad still help and keep a thumb on things. I also have a pump and wouldn't give it up for anything. To me I see it as an external pancreas. I say go for it, you won't regret it. Good Luck!

Emma - posted on 04/05/2009




my daughter was diagnosed 11 mths ago she was 7 but is now 8. we are in the process of getting her on the pump (the hospital have just written to the primary care trust for the funding) so we are not really sure of the pros and cons of actually having the pump as she is not yet on it, but megan wanted it because it is 1 needle every 2-3 days instead of 4 a day which is what she is on. we have also been told that you have to blood test more often, and you can only have the pump off for an hour a day, so that would be bath time really. we have heard more good points than bad though.
you should ask your doctor which pump the hospital use and then send off for information on this pump as we sent off for a couple of different 1s but alder hay only use the accu check spirit.
megan should start on the pump in the summer.
hope it all goes well for you good luck

Christie - posted on 04/04/2009




My daughter was 8 when diagnosed and 10 when we started on the pump.  She is now 14 and we are about to start her second pump (you can upgrade every 4 or 5 years).  For the most part it has been a good experience, we have had issues with it falling out at night and forgetting to bouls, but overall it is the best step in her diabetes management we have taken. I would recommend that you get one with a continuous glucose monitor as it can help save you form highs, lows, and seizures.  Plus it really helps with the a1c.

Kim - posted on 03/26/2009




Hi Becky,

Thank you for the information, every little bit helps. We are just starting to poke around on the issue and make an "educated" choice. We want to be informed to make the right decision when the time comes abd your thoughts were most welcome. We have a crazy high deductable medical insurance plan that we will probably meet this summer and to take advantage at the end of this yr fw/ an insulin pump. Enjoy your day and thanks again.


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Hi Kim,

I just wanted to share our experience with you to help you in making that decision for your daughter. My son was diagnosed just after his 6th b-day and we put him on the pump at age 7 1/2. For the most part, it has an amazingly positive impact on his quality of life. He's almost 13 now, and has been very responsible with it the whole time.

Of course, with all treatment plans, there are downsides. He sometimes forgets to bolus, it sometimes runs out of insulin while we're out somewhere and have to come back home, battery goes dead in the middle of the night, site comes out while swimming........

There are more, but all of them far outweigh the alternative (shots) in my humble opinion. The pump is not for everyone, but you won't know unless you try it. The main positive thing, is that he can eat what and when he wants (within reason,) and does not have to stick to a strict eating schedule. He can sleep in, eat second helpings, eat birthday cake at 2:00 in the afternoon, eat pizza and do a dual bolus to avoid a delayed spike......

There's a lot more to it than I can write in this post. But I recommend you and your daughter attend a pump class for more info. The pump reps will be much more knowledgeable than your Dr. on this treatment.

We use the Minimed Paradigm 722, and sometimes we also use the Real Time Glucose Monitoring System, which can be a God send at times.

I wish you guys lots of luck, and I hope that I've been somewhat helpful. There is also a wonderful website and forum I use often called

**Please note: Sometimes Dr.s want to wait until the patient is past the honeymoon stage before starting on the pump. This may be the case with your daughter.

Good luck! Take care.

~Becka Siegel

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