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Christine - posted on 03/02/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi Everyone-
This is the first time I've posted here but I'm in dire need of some advice. My daughter is 11 and has been diabetic for 3 and a half years. She has a VERY bad attitued re: diabetes. She balks at everything having to do with it.

She recently went to a birthday party that was overnight. Up until now she's been fairly responsible when away from me. If nothing else, she'll call me when anything gets cooky and let me help her fix it. She gets really mad when I call and bug her and says that I'm making her stand out and be different and she hates it. So, this time I let her be and trusted her to call me. SHE DIDN'T. By the time I got to her in the morning she was VERY sick, vomiting, and had to go directly to the ER and was admitted for DKA.

My question is, how do I get her to take more responsiblity or atleast help her through this ackward social stage where she fights being different so much? She says that she ate what everyone else ate because she didn't want them to think that she "couldn't" because then they'd "police" what she was eating every day at school.

She does have a pump. I can only assume that she didn't bolus for all of her carbs. Any tips would be very much appreciated.



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Cherish - posted on 03/31/2010




My son was dx'd when he was 8(he is 17 now)
We also having a hard time getting him to understand how important good management is.
I want him to get the pump,but he wants no part in it :(

I think kids feel like they are immortal and nothing will ever happen to them.
It is hard and some what sad,to think of what CAN and WILL happen if they do not manage it well.

In the end tho,when they are older,they are going to have to care,we can not manage it for them there entire life.

There is no reason she cant eat what other people are eating if she does her bolus,right?

Diabetes sucks,I understand this...
Is there other kids at school w/diabetes she can talk to?
Maybe ask the school nurse about starting a health issues support group...

ADRIENNE - posted on 03/02/2010





I guess the best thing I can tell is she's being a kid. My seven year recently confessed to me that over the period of a month she had eaten a bottle of 50 glucose tablets, a tube of 10 glucose tablets, and she had been sneaking thin mints. I did not fuss at her or get mad because, I know that it is hard for her to always follow a strict diet. More importantly I was happy that she told me the truth. The tips that I can give are: Have patience with your daughter. Continue to check on her when she's at a sleepover. Do all things you have been doing. When she's older she will thank you for it.

My daughter immediately took responsibility with her diabetes after she diagnosed because she never wanted to lose her memory again. When Zoe was admitted for DKA she didn't remember 2 days of what happened. I had to tell her what city we were in, how she got there(by helicopter), and I had to remind her who her doctor was. That was scary for her. I think that your daughter will come around to taking responsibility for her diabetes. Give her time.

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