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my 6 month old wont stop crying lately, how do i know if he has an earache or something. i have tried everything to get him to sleep but it aint working, panadol etc.Or maybe he just getting seperation anxiety i dunno im loosing it trying to keep him happy so is my partner


RicaMarie - posted on 10/07/2010




my suggestion for you is take your baby to the dr and have a full work up if your that worried about it. i dont see what this has to do with diabetes but i am willing to help. also the baby may have gas build up it could be a number of things try going into a bathroom with the baby and putting a towel under the door and turn on all the hot water and let the baby breath in the steam. if that helps the baby may be colicky. as far as the partner they need to take a chill pill and understand that babies are unpredictable and not to stress over it or stress you out cause the more you both are stressed out the more the baby will be upset and stressed out.

good luck you can contact me anytime for more advice. i have raised an 11 1/2 yr old with a number of health issues ...

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