Mom's of drowning victims.

I formed this group for mothers of other drowning victims. My 4 year old daughter Chelsea drowned in a swimming pool at my mothers house in 2005.


hello my name is rashi

On July 2nd, 2011 I decided to take my family to a beautiful lake in the next state over. I had planned some fishing, kayaking, grilling and ..swimming. We were at the lake 25...


how can i cope?

my 2 year old daughter drowned almost 2 weeks ago in her great grandmothers pond. Im about to loose my mind...does anyone have any kind of suggestions that might have helped you?


Hello and thank you

for starting this community. I just lost my son in July and I dont know how to pull myself into a better place. I have 2 other boys and everyone tells me i have to be strong and...


I understand

My 2 year old son drowned in MY mom's backyard pool in 1988. His 4 year old brother survived with a brain injury. I understand how you feel. I have lived in your shoes as you...